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"Norianna was made for this work! I have been a practitioner in the healing arts for over 10 years and I don't anyone as critical as I am about the quality of work out there. Working with Norianna was a break from my usual routine of lowered expectations as she exceeded all of them. I felt totally safe and free to explore sensitive spaces with her and I found her technique, voice, knowledge and understanding to be utterly delicious and effective. I've spent two to three times as much for less. Quality!"

          - Devan Hadlock on his work      with Beyond Quantum Healing and Brainspotting 

"I have been working on my PTSD with Nori. A lot of it is experimental, but she works with me to create a safe space so I can get in tune with my body and the feelings and pains I'm carrying and work to clear them. I can honestly say I am in a better place now than I have been in more than 20 years. I honestly had no idea what I was in for when we started and I am so glad that I went for it."

       - Sare Gardner,

Trauma Study Client

"Nori has helped me prolong a much need cervical disc replacement for over 5 years now. Nori is a neck whisperer, one who has helped me with severe muscle tightening in trigger-point areas. Nori is intuitive not only in body work, but she also coaches me on what I may mentally hold onto in my painful neck and back areas. Her inspiration, coaching, and body work combined is my key to staying healthy and keeping surgery a few more years away. Thank you, Nori - You have increased my happiness and well being.
Oh, Nori also does AMAZING Somatic work!"

          - Heidi Ferguson 


If you are in Musculo-Skeletal pain, I can help through working with the nervous system through Somatic Bodywork, as well as with Therapeutic Massage and Yoga. 

I have successfully treated/ helped eliminate: neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, shoulder girdle issues, numb fingers due to brachial plexus impingement, general back pain, low back pain, sciatica, hip pain, and more. 

I am able to help: improve range of motion in joints, increase flexibility and mobility, improve body-mind connection, increase self awareness (body awareness), reduce anxiety, unwind stress and trauma, and much more. 

Deep Healing

I am experimenting with a variety of mind-body healing modalities and techniques in something I am informally calling a "trauma study". The aim of this "study" is to find the most effective ways of healing Trauma, and to have the freedom to explore merging various approaches together to allow for deep lasting healing. My approach is somatically centered and I believe everyone has the capacity to heal themselves. I simply create the container and guide the way. In this early phase of exploration I am offering sliding scale pricing and I am only working with those I deem a good match. 

Somatic Wellness Coaching

Somatics is a branch of study that works to bring awareness inside the body. In Somatic Wellness Coaching I can help you reconnect with your body, manage (heal) anxiety effectively, achieve health and wellness goals, learn to listen and trust your bodily intuition, and more! 

To find out more about packages and programs click below! 

Movement Medicine


I am currently on hold with teaching many workshops/classes towards the end of 2019 but I am offering 1 on 1 work in my home office! 


- Private Yoga Sessions (completely customized to you and where you are at!)

- Somatic Movement Education

Nori is so intuitive in her coaching. She has helped me through my lifetime of non-serving internal chatter into a blossoming relationship with my body. 

-Destiny Olsen, UT

"Norianna's intuitive massage and healing bodywork is amazing! Having had a back injury many years ago I have found massage treatments to be the best method for pain prevention and re-occurrence. Having said that, not all therapists are alike and I have seen many. Norianna is the real deal! She is truly an intuitive therapist with the skill and expertise required for genuine healing and balance restoration, I feel amazing after every session and highly recommend Norianna Diesel"    -Scott Richards, UT

Norianna is absolutely incredible! She listens to what you ask for and responds so deeply and intimately to the kind of therapy and healing you might be looking for. This was my first time in, and I am so blown away as a new resident of the area. I will definitely be back and would recommend her bodywork to anyone!- Kaitlyn Spangler

"When we care about our BODIES- we care about the EARTH- 

The more we care about our EARTH and support her in every way we can- the more we nourish and support our personal ecosystems. 



-Norianna Diesel