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Bodywork and Movement Therapies

Here at SOMATIX, you will receive intuitive, healing bodywork that soothes your body, mind, and spirit. 

My goal as a holistic bodyworker is to find the root cause of what is ailing you; whether it is

emotional, mental, or physical, and to provide effective therapies to help you regain balance. 


SOMATIX is my personal practice located in Ogden, UT and it is my intention to offer some of the highest quality bodywork in the Ogden Valley. I deeply care about the well-being of each of my clients and it is always a privilege and honor to provide a safe sanctuary for people in these times of change and chaos. The body is our living breathing temple in which we live out our lives, it is important to take good care of our bodies to ensure we live the highest quality of life we can. Getting regular bodywork can be likened to getting regular oil changes for your car- it just makes everything run smoother. 

I like to be as effective and thorough with my time as possible and always aim to give you what you are wanting, while at the same time also giving you what you need. I draw from a variety of techniques blended together intuitively in order to address your whole being. Some of those techniques are listed below:



By Appointment Only

Availability changes on a week to week basis.

"Norianna is an excellent therapist. She has excellent skills in bringing the body back to balance whether it's pain relief or stress but also her work it's just on another level entirely. It's the kind of awareness that can't be taught in school. I am very picky about who I let work on me. The therapist needs to be clear and balanced for me to feel comfortable. I found her to be genuine, caring, grounded, professional, clear in communication, intuitive, and she knows her craft inside out. I am a massage therapist and I have had a lot of bodywork over the years and her work was one of, if not the BEST I have ever experienced. She has a full spectrum of skills for massage as well as the more subtle skill set of energy work in various healing therapies. I left our session not only relaxed, which was my goal but also lighter and clearer in my mental and emotional state as well educated on some subtle exercises I could practice at home to help my body. Her prices are very fair especially for the quality of work you are receiving."- Mary Betts

Trigger Point work

Fascial Release and Manipulation


Deep Tissue

Table Thai Yoga Massage

Swedish Massage/Lomi Lomi Influence

Reiki/Energy Work

Somatic Core Belief Work (Verbal process)

Somatic Movement Patterns 

Somatic Bodywork 

Thai Yoga Massage Inspired Forms

Structural work


Specifically I can help with:


*low back pain                                    *injury rehab

*neck pain                                          *gaining more mobility and ease

* shoulder pain                                    *unwinding chronic stress & trauma  *headaches from chronic tension      * TMJ

*and more....

I help people heal or (better manage) neuromuscular pain. 

After 1st Somatic Bodywork Session


All new clients wanting to schedule with me must secure their appointment spot by having a credit or debit card on file. The card will not be charged unless there is a no-show, or unless you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. 

If a client NO-SHOWS they will be charged the full amount of what that session was worth. 

Canceling/Rescheduling of an appointment can be done without charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 

If you have to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time, you will be charged $25 dollars to your credit/debit card. 

If I need to personally reschedule your appointment with you the same day of your appointment due to sickness, emergencies, or other unforeseen events- I will give you your next session at %50 off. 

If you are already a regular client, there maybe some exceptions to these rules.

**If you have come in already and have prepaid for a package, and you have to reschedule within 24 hours of appointment time, I will be knocking off 30 minutes of session time off the package. If you no-show and have already pre-paid for a package, that no-show counts as a full session**

I will NOT accept Checks.  


What is Somatics?


Stemming from the Ancient Greek work "somatikos" it means, living, aware, bodily person. It is now used as an umbrella term to describe a variety of modalities and approaches for working with the mind-body. Somatics is a way of experiencing the body from the inside, and using the brain (consciousness) to make physical changes in the muscular and skeletal structures.  It is THE branch of knowledge specializing in creating lasting shifts in the body through using your body's capacity to heal itself- given enough awareness of what is going on. 

Somatic Bodywork Therapy

Somatic Bodywork works directly with your Nervous System to reduce/eliminate pain and trauma. This is done through gentle movement of your body to re-establish your body-mind connection. I will help "reset" your nervous system and help you create new neuro-pathways for healthier body patterns. This is done by allowing your body to be moved in specific ways, as well as being asked to move through certain somatic patterns yourself. This work should always be pain-free and WILL produce tangible results. Because we are addressing your nervous system the changes that occur tend to last much longer then Massage. Most often, once the body has learned a healthier pattern of expression, that new change can be permanent! One session is great, but it is recommended to have at least 3 sessions of Somatic Bodywork over a 3 week period to get the most out of this gentle yet deeply profound work. 

Somatic Bodywork Helps/Eliminates: 


Low Back Pain

Releasing Repressed Emotions

Unwinding from Traumatic Accidents


Letting go of "Control"

Enhancing/Reestablishing Mind/Body Connection

Neuro-Muscular Pain 


Relieving Chronic Tension/Tightness

Relieving Stress

Increasing Flexibility

Increasing Motor Function Control

Improving Athletic Performance (especially Dancers)

  **Somatic Bodywork generally helps dispel trapped nervous system energy (trauma/ ptsd)

        by letting it release through the body. Sometimes memories re-surface regarding a trauma but

only does so as it is releasing through the body, in order to fully heal! 

This is the least "scary" and invasive, yet highly effective way of helping

individuals heal from any form of Trauma.**

(As well as other Somatic Based Healing Methods)


What can I expect in a session?

In a Somatic Bodywork session you can expect to stay dressed in comfortable clothes that you can move easily in. You can expect to become very relaxed, often times to such a degree your mind enters a Theta state. Your limbs will be moved gently, and as a client you do your best to stay completely relaxed and let go of all effort to move your body yourself, unless directed to. Sometimes your personal memories will surface, and sometimes the body's memory will surface, which will often look like an unwinding process of the "traumatized" limb reenacting the memory through automatic movement.


In a Somatic Movement Therapy Session you can expect to wear comfortable clothes and to enter having an open mind and heart. I use a variety of methods and tools to assist you in discovering/unveiling your own truth and find your own healing. The tools vary from dialogue, role play, drawing art, being witnessed, moving from different images/impulses, using sound and movement, free form movement, contact, and story. I hold a safe container for any and all emotions to express themselves freely and without judgement. I guide you on a deep journey and lead you out safely and in one piece!


Somatic Articles

    Somatic Bodywork and Pain Management:

      *Written by Norianna Diesel


Somatic Bodywork is highly effective when dealing with structural pain, trauma based pain, as well as emotional pain such as depression or anxiety. Somatic Bodywork is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork that re-educates the neuromuscular system towards overall health. This is done through re-patterning the body by assisting the movement of the limbs and torso. Through the introduction of new movement patterns into the nervous system, the body brings itself to a state of natural alignment. Pain easily diminishes once the whole body organism is brought into a natural/balanced state.


In one example, a young woman came to me with severe lower back pain- I speculated that a disk must have slipped, or perhaps just the disk cartilage. Throughout our session, I made her consciously use her breath to stretch and create space in between the vertebrae. She got off the table completely pain free and was astonished that such gentle movement in her body could literally fix the source of the pain. Another client of mine came in complaining of lower back pain that he has had for years. After one session of working specifically with movement of his lower back and legs, he got off the table feeling inches taller and reported back to me two weeks later that he was still pain free.


In scientific research and in my own experience as well, I have seen time and time again how unresolved emotional issues/trauma may manifest as pain or blockages in the body. Somatic Bodywork works very deeply on the emotional level, but only if the client is ready to go there: to resolve the unresolved. A large part of this healing takes place when the client feels truly safe, so as much as the nature of Somatic Bodywork is safe and healing; it is crucial that the practitioner can hold a high standard of professionalism and spiritual integrity. This work meets everyone where they are at. If the client is ready to be pain free, I can guarantee that within one to eight sessions they will be, or at least will be well on the road to recovery.




  Somatic Movement Therapy in a Nutshell:

     *Written by Norianna Diesel


Nobody teaches us how to move, how to walk, play, and run about.  More often than not, our organic natural way of moving gets interrupted by congenital problems, stress, the “artificial environment” we live in, and through watching poor examples growing up. When our natural movement becomes blocked, it creates unnecessary stress in our bodies; especially in our joints, which down the road can cause many an ache and pain, as well as injuries. Same exact story can be said with our breathing habits. We are born onto this planet with an innate capacity for correct, deep, sustaining breath. As life progresses situations and stressors cause our breathing patterns to shorten and become restricted, or “non-natural”. When our system is not fully oxygenated, our whole body suffers and various ailments may result because of it.


Somatic Movement Therapy aims to organically (from the inside out) correct these imbalances and create new options for inhabiting and experiencing your body. It teaches individuals how to become truly aware of their bodies, and how they can move in the world with all of their body parts functioning together harmoniously. Somatic Movement Therapy is comprised of a lot of different tools/methods some of which are: breathing techniques, postural training, “authentic movement”,  gentle stretching, and various movement exploration exercises.


This form of Movement Therapy directly re-balances the whole neuromuscular system.

It also helps to release/decrease muscular tension, improves posture, restores movement capacity to all body parts, and effectively increases sensory awareness.  Somatic Therapies have been effective at treating headaches, painful joints and muscles, neck shoulder and back pain, sciatica, hip knee and foot pain, repetitive use injuries, whiplash, breathing problems, frozen shoulder syndrome. It has also been effective with treating PTSD, and rehabilitating the body after any sort of trauma to the neuromuscular system. After attending a few somatic sessions the body will start to remember and incorporate the teachings into the new structure of the neural web you are building. You may find you have more grace and ease in moving through your everyday life, as well as increased energy and flexibility.

Most importantly this form of work empowers the student to take his/her health into his/her own hands. This is a very proactive type of therapy that can be done with all ages and all walks of life. There is no expensive equipment usually, and exercises can be taken home to practice. In the world of Somatics, everyone is worked with exactly where they are at. We start where you are, and there is never any judgement passed. This whole process is a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Every human being is unique and special and so there is not one clear protocol for every person. Each session is based solely on where the student is at that given moment, and encourages expansion and new discovery at every turn!