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Deep Healing:

An Informal Trauma Study meshing Somatic and Brain Based Practices

In the beginning of March 2018, I decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery, testing out various modalities and methods of healing, specifically related to PTSD and trauma/anxiety. I started this Study because of a genuine desire to figure out how to effectively help people heal from trauma, pain, and dis-stress. In my observation and in many others as well, traditional talk therapy only scratches the surface and usually still leaves clients not that much better even after years of treatment. This is because trauma is stored in the brain/body and literally needs to be processed through the brain/body which is often times not a cognitive process but rather a deeply instinctual one. Yet it is mainly talk therapies that are being offered as a solution to PTSD in the mainstream world. So I figured, why not explore with people who are eager and willing to be my guinea pigs, and see what emerges; together, exploring how to create deep, lasting healing harnessing the wisdom of the body. The goal being to leave the client more empowered after each session and not dependent on a therapist for the rest of their life (or years). 


I will clearly state here that I am not "officially trained" in any of these modalities listed below, my qualifications to do this work being that I am a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and deeply capable of intuitively holding space (and also perhaps many lifetimes of being a healer). Because I am not strictly trained in any one school of thought, I have the freedom to mix and match pieces of modalities together, creating the right cocktail of healing for each individual client. Each client leads the way and I follow, guiding them to their inherent wholeness. 

In this Study I am pulling from modalities such as:    (click each modality for more info) 

TRE (trauma release exercises) 
Somatic Experiencing    Recommend watching video- Very helpful 




I sometimes use hands on touch, sound, and energy work to help assist the healing process along. 


I am looking to work with Men and Women (some children under 18 may be permitted if vetted) who experience PTSD, Anxiety, and or other Trauma related symptoms (which can be VAST). Anyone looking to balance their nervous systems, be less triggered, find integration and deep lasting healing could be a great candidate for my Study. I will not take just anyone on though, I must be sure we are a good match in order to continue working together. I will generally allow one initial 2 hour session for anyone interested, to get to know one another and to see if we would be a good fit moving forward. 

HOW $$$? 

I require a 2 hour session the first few sessions until we get a flow down, to ensure you have the time you need for your healing. Once we have worked together a few times the session length can move to an hour.

I offer the 2 hour sessions  at a sliding scale of $100-$160.

$70- for 1 hour session. 

At this moment in time, I am not offering packages, but rather seeing people on session by session basis as they deem fit. Though, I do recommend to get the most out of working together to commit to at least 2 sessions a month.

In order to find out more info please email me below telling me a bit about yourself, what you are looking for, what you are hoping to gain! Feel free to also call me at 385-312-0575!! Look forward to hearing from you!