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"Norianna was offering free coaching as a way to build her own coaching skills, and I was gratefully one of the lucky ones chosen to help her develop a process! When I began the coaching journey with Norianna, my life was feeling out of control and purposeless. I had a hard time making goals or being decisive about anything and overall  I was feeling really stuck. Throughout our journey of 9 coaching sessions together, I was able to unwind some major negative patterns that were keeping me from moving forward! I really appreciated Norianna's ability to be intuitive and in the flow with what I needed. She was compassionately relentless in helping me see certain aspects of myself as well as holding me to my own goals. I was able to learn some really amazing tools from her that are helping me to stay clear and centered in my every day life. After working with Norianna, I now feel full of purpose and I am not letting my previous negative thinking get in the way of my dreams. I am much more aware of my inner psyche and life patterns, and I feel equipped to be in control of my life rather than an effect of it. I am continuing to work on rewiring my brain, and I am taking major steps forward in the direction of my heart and soul! Thank you Norianna for your sweet and steady wisdom, I look forward to seeing how your coaching progresses! "

-Morgan O. Santa Barbara, CA

"Nori is not only intuitive and exceptionally skilled in her ability to tap into a deeper conscious, she has the ability to channel the perfect mirror as a coach. She is neutral and easy to work with. She sees the true self of a human and uses different modalities to reach a desired result. Working with her is sure to bring joy, passion, and conscious revolution. The opportunity to work with someone like this comes along rarely in a lifetime."

- Ashley Jackson, WY


Norianna Diesel is a rare find as a therapeutic bodyworker . Not only is she skilled in having all the techniques to take away aches and pains with powerful grace and finesse, but she is gifted energetically and her sessions leave me feeling restored body mind and spirit. I have been a body worker and yoga instructor myself for over 15 years and have had alot of excellent work from many practitioners over the years. Norianna's beautiful, intuitive soothing and strong work is up there with the best. Thank you Norianna, you are a treasure for all my bodywork/energy work needs.

~ Kellee M.  Ogden 


"I think the best way I can describe Norianna’s bodywork sessions is in-tune. I have never come out feeling as though she missed something. And while receiving the massage, she somehow works just the exact areas I need without me even knowing I needed it. It’s almost as if they were audibly calling to her. I’ve been through my share of massage therapists for different dance injuries, and I’ve come to learn a lot about the individual therapists through their approaches to healing. Much of my time spent felt more like treating the symptoms. Nori’s massage goes down searches for the origin of the pain, on emotional and physical levels. Her bodywork is more than just getting to the spots that need attention. It works energy through the body and helps direct it to where it needs to go-out of the body or within."-

Jane J.- Salt Lake City

My body feels amazing! I can honestly say you have the best massage I have ever had. I have shared my experience with you with others....and will continue!

 - Tycia F.- Salt Lake City


Email from a Client: 

.....After last weeks somatic session with you, I have never felt more at peace with where my heart, mind and body are at where my past is concerned.  I want you to know, I feel incredibly blessed by you and your welcoming spirit. The guided imagery was simply amazing. Not to mention the seahorse breathing, in which I practice every night before bed. Anyhow, thank you.  I will not be telling you thank you in person, maybe one day we will cross paths in life. As far as what was paid, no worries on that as well, I simply cannot place a price tag on my soul and spirit.  I feel very much at peace.
Thank you once more, you are an absolute gem.

(She paid for 10 sessions and only did 3... and apparently that was all that was needed)

                                                                                                       - Juanita, Salt Lake City 


Fabulous result, Norianna! I feel 400% better! Thanks for working on me! 

Mark G.- Salt Lake City

Norianna is fantastic at getting your body to feel in balance! My first few sessions with her have gotten my body to feel what it hasn't been able to feel in years! She is a great guide to helping the body explore it's way back to harmony! I highly recommend anyone to get a session with her! - James R.

Salt Lake City


Amazing somatic bodywork session yesterday! You are very talented in my opinion! Thank you! Love,

Teal S. -Salt Lake City


" I have received sessions from Norianna, and her work is powerful and successful.  This kind of bodywork is unique.  When other modalities are not working for pain or discomfort, this gentle re-setting of the nervous system can be powerful and healing.  Norianna is skilled and visceral.  One session with her, and my hip was pain free for months! Because of her work as a dancer and a massage therapist, she brings a unique approach to this powerful work.  She is gentle and kind and powerful...all rolled into one."

                                          - Natalie G.  Durham, North Carolina

"Norianna's work is spot on! I always feel sooooo good after a session with her! Her hands know exactly where to go. Her work is effective, deep and nurturing all at the same time. Nori is very intuitive and also understands the importance of postural alignment and the effect it has on our bodies. Whether you're seeing Nori for a massage or Somatic body work, you won't be disappointed. This girl's got it going on!"

                                           - Cree Cox, Salt Lake City  UT

I hired Norianna for a massage we spoke via messaging and scheduled a time, very easy and professional. I arrived at her home studio having told her some of my problems with my back and what I have been going through. I was amazed to see that she had looked up my condition and had found some resources for me to take a look at when I got home. We talked about what I was looking for and she left the room while I got on the table and comfortable. She came in and for the next 90 minutes I was in pure heaven. I normally do not do deep tissue but she was amazing with her technique and made me feel comfortable the entire time which is something that is very difficult for me at times. She did deep breathing exercises with me the entire massage and stretched me out during the massage. If she will let me I will never have another massage therapist again. This was so amazing, I was having emotional benefits as well when I left the massage. She is a very beautiful, kind, and caring therapist with so much positive energy I just cant get over how amazing I feel after the massage I cannot wait to have another. Thank you Norianna you have made my last few months since my diagnosis."                                                                             - Perry S.  Syracuse UT 

 Nori has been a beautiful guiding light in my life for the past few years, I have always appreciated how rooted in herself she is and how available she makes herself to others for healing of all types. I personally have danced into my wild self, stretched my body during her yoga classes with reliable guidance, received a beautiful six months of personal development coaching, and have had the pleasure of her healing touch through massage. Nori has the ability to guide you through your shit, help you resolve it, then help you feel exactly as you should, whole!- Erika M. 

I️ appreciate the talent and professionalism she offered. Wonderful session, great flow. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for great bodywork.- Derrek D. 

Norianna is one of the most talented therapists I've had the grace to work with. She has a deeply intuitive understanding of movement & a precise awareness of musculoskeletal systems that synergizes perfectly for relaxing & realigning. I wish I I could fly her to my town when I need bodywork! - Jen A., Oregon

Melted on her table. Very gifted and intuitive healer. Felt amazing for weeks after seeing her. Highly recommended!- Myndy J. 

Where is the 10 star option? Nori has magic in her hands! She listens to my needs and knows which pressure points to hit with the right amount of pressure. She has a deep knowledge of the body and a deep love for bringing maximum healing to my chronic neck issue from being born with crippled feet. Each experience has been super!

     - Debi M. 

After 1st Somatic

Bodywork Session

After 2nd Somatic

Bodywork Session