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*Are you a rad woman who craves deep connection with self and others? Do you crave feeling fully confident in your own skin and living a life full of magic, play, passion, & purpose?

      *Do you feel overwhelmed, disconnected from your body, and/ or stressed out? 

*Are you a rad woman looking to reconnect with your body? Perhaps you have felt like you have been living in your head and disconnected from the wisdom of your body, robotically running through your day? 

      *Do you feel like you need help finding balance in your body, mind, spirit? 

*Are you willing to invest in yourself to move towards a new level of being in your body-mind-spirit?

My philosophy is that in order to live a balanced, healthy, connected life one needs to have a deep relationship with their body. Your body is your temple that houses your soul for this life journey, your body is your friend, ultimately helping you to evolve. All unprocessed emotions, traumas, memories will inevitably be stored inside the body (fascia, energy, organs), until there is space and permission for these unprocessed things to be released.


It is my role as a Somatic Wellness Coach to help you discover the hidden messages in your body, help you listen deeply and take action on the wisdom that gets unearthed in our sessions. I do NOT have a step by step program/ blueprint that I follow for every client. Instead, I have tools, techniques, and a deep capacity for holding space that allows each client to get the individualized attention they need and deserve. 

To learn more about my background please go to this page. I don't have your traditional story of reaching burn out, leaving a corporate job to follow my heart, or getting over an eating disorder to learn to love myself again. My "awakening" began around 14 years old through the influence of my mother walking her own healing path. Since then I have been deeply committed to personal growth, transformation, embodiment, and all things related to wellness. I have been committed to living a balanced and healthy life and will continue to do so for the rest of my days! 

What is a Somatic Wellness Coach? 

(Well, I happened to make up this title to suit the unique work I do and I am not so sure you would be able to find anything else quite like what I offer :)

Somatic: means living aware, bodily person. It is the branch of study that deals with the body through a felt sense experience. In my mind, true somatic modalities help bridge the conscious mind with the body, getting one in touch with an internal landscape of felt sense and information. 

Wellness: means being in optimal health, especially as an actively pursued goal. In my personal view, wellness means not only being in good physical health, but mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. 

As a Somatic Wellness Coach my job is to help women get in touch with their bodies in order to create the wellness lifestyle/patterns that serve their highest good.  I help women develop their "felt sense"/"kinesthetic sense" in order to more deeply understand the subtle messages that are constantly being sent throughout the day. The more in tune women can become with their bodies, the more likely it is they can maintain homeostasis (balance) throughout their lives, regardless of what cycle or challenge life brings them. With somatic awareness as an anchor point in my wellness coaching work, I am able to offer women a unique, effective, and grounded approach towards helping them achieve their wellness goals. 

If you have answered yes to those questions above. Lets schedule a free 45-60 min breakthrough consultation where we can determine what you are needing, holistically. 

Find ease, joy, and harmony within yourself through a journey of somatic exploration...

"Norianna was offering free coaching as a way to build her own coaching skills, and I was gratefully one of the lucky ones chosen to help her develop a process! When I began the coaching journey with Norianna, my life was feeling out of control and purposeless. I had a hard time making goals or being decisive about anything and overall  I was feeling really stuck. Throughout our journey of 9 coaching sessions together, I was able to unwind some major negative patterns that were keeping me from moving forward! I really appreciated Norianna's ability to be intuitive and in the flow with what I needed. She was compassionately relentless in helping me see certain aspects of myself as well as holding me to my own goals. I was able to learn some really amazing tools from her that are helping me to stay clear and centered in my every day life. After working with Norianna, I now feel full of purpose and I am not letting my previous negative thinking get in the way of my dreams. I am much more aware of my inner psyche and life patterns, and I feel equipped to be in control of my life rather than an effect of it. I am continuing to work on rewiring my brain, and I am taking major steps forward in the direction of my heart and soul! Thank you Norianna for your sweet and steady wisdom, I look forward to seeing how your coaching progresses! "

-Morgan O. Santa Barbara, CA

"Nori is not only intuitive and exceptionally skilled in her ability to tap into a deeper conscious, she has the ability to channel the perfect mirror as a coach. She is neutral and easy to work with. She sees the true self of a human and uses different modalities to reach a desired result. Working with her is sure to bring joy, passion, and conscious revolution. The opportunity to work with someone like this comes along rarely in a lifetime."

- Ashley Jackson, WY

 Nori has been a beautiful guiding light in my life for the past few years, I have always appreciated how rooted in herself she is and how available she makes herself to others for healing of all types. I personally have danced into my wild self, stretched my body during her yoga classes with reliable guidance, received a beautiful six months of personal development coaching, and have had the pleasure of her healing touch through massage. Nori has the ability to guide you through your shit, help you resolve it, then help you feel exactly as you should, whole!

- Erika M. Ogden, UT